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Outfitter (Sales guide)

Regal INEOS Grenadier
Historic Roswell, Ga.
$80,000 - $90,000 yearly
INEOS Grenadier Outfitters (sales associates) needed


Imagine a boutique retailer instead of a car dealership. Imagine a story that’s exciting to tell and easy to stand behind. Imagine a career that’s more of a lifestyle. That’s what we’ve built here and now we’re growing. That’s where you come in. 

Our Vision: To build vehicles with purpose for unconventional people by challenging the ordinary. 

Our values include: Quality, Community, Spirit of Ownership, and Ambition. 

We, just like our customers, are built on purpose. We’re gutsy, rugged, innovative, and tenacious. We believe that “manners maketh man”. We talk like we’re built: honest, stripped back and with purpose. We talk to the point with no marketing BS. We’re down-to-earth. We treat customers like adults, with respect. And we’re unapologetic. We’re proud of the product we’re making and don’t shy away from hard truths or difficult subjects. It’s fine for the Grenadier to not be for everyone. Our customers understand that “life doesn’t happen to them, they happen to life”. They want to buy one well-made item and use it for a lifetime. 

Interested in joining this journey? 

Contact Lane Crider @ 678-999-1615 or [email protected] 




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