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Hipcamp Photographer

United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom
$75 - $100 USD daily
What do Hipcamp Photographers do?
Hipcamp is looking for experienced outdoor and lifestyle photographers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom with a hankering for adventure and the unknown. Hipcamp Photographers visit private Hipcamp properties and tell the visual story of Hipcamp through the photos they create there.

Before you apply:
We encourage those whose online portfolios do not include specific examples of outdoor and camping photography to stage some examples and include a Google Folder portfolio, in addition to your full portfolio (make sure the privacy settings allow us to view!).

Referencing the Hipcamp Photography Style Guide prior to submitting your application, and curating your Google Folder portfolio to best accommodate the Hipcamp Style will also significantly increase your application's chances of approval.

As amazing as we think it is that some of you live the #vanlife, camp once a week, or run a summer camp (no seriously...that’s amazing!), our main goal with the Hipcamp Photography program is professional photography. Please ensure that whether the images in your submitted portfolio are taken smack in the middle of the city, overlooking the Grand Canyon, or in your very own backyard, they embody the Hipcamp Style, and meet a professional level of photography.

If you are not a professional photographer, but would like to be more involved in the Hipcamp community, reach out to support@hipcamp.com, and let us know which aspects of the community you’d like to be involved in!

Why apply for the Hipcamp Photography program?
- Get paid $75-100 per assignment, with no maximum (subject to quality)
- Score free camping! (for respectful friends too)
- Gain exposure on our channels
- Add Hipcamp to your résumé and portfolio (we’ve got a LinkedIn description for you!)
- Connect with our community of content creators
- Be first in line for other content-creation gigs that Hipcamp may need (video work, event photography, etc.)

Diversity is Strength.
At Hipcamp, one of our core values is Diversity is Strength. The more diverse an ecosystem is, the better equipped it is to thrive. In prioritizing and protecting diversity, we’re actively working to build a more equitable, innovative, welcoming, and resilient world. That being said, we highly encourage applicants from underrepresented groups to apply.

Want to get paid to camp at unique places? Apply here!

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